Ixia and K2-Inc. Collaborate to Bring IoT to Smart Appliances and Industrial Equipment
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K2 Joins Ixia’s Xceed Technology Partner Program to Simplify Wi-Fi Development and Testing

Ixia, a leading provider of network test, visibility, and security solutions, and K2-Inc., provider of an Internet of Things (IoT) software platform, today announced their collaboration in the IoT space. The integration of the Ixia IoT solution and K2’s Software Defined IoT Platform will automate testing, simplifying the development and quality assurance of IoT devices. This includes Wi-Fi-connected white goods (smart appliances) and industrial equipment.

IoT is bringing about a paradigm shift in the industry with home appliance vendors moving to Wi-Fi-based connectivity for smart appliances, device maintenance, and diagnostics. In fact, according to a new research report by Markets and Markets, entitled “Smart Appliances Market by Smart Home Appliances – Global Forecast to 2020”, the smart appliances market is estimated to reach USD $37.2 billion by 2020. Factors driving this market include rising energy prices, availability of wireless solutions, and the changing lifestyles of consumers. However, companies moving to adopt these technologies are finding that overall complexity, combined with the lack of test tools, are substantially impacting their go-to-market plans.

K2’s Software Defined IoT Platform allows equipment manufacturers to build IoT applications that can monitor, analyze, and visualize data on a real-time basis. It also provides controllable actions which make use of that data. The Ixia IoT solution, available today, is already being used by K2 to quickly and thoroughly qualify wireless chipsets for IoT deployments, and to rapidly test IoT devices over distance, channel models, roaming, ecosystems, and interference. It also validates interoperability, stability, and functionality, speeding time to market and dramatically improving reliability.

According to Ranjit Deshpande, CTO at K2-Inc., “Unlike manufacturers of typical consumer electronic devices, appliance manufacturers have certain specific requirements such as hidden line of sight, temperature variations, and longevity of product—K2’s IoT software stack integrated with the Ixia IoT suite will help appliance manufacturers to seamlessly qualify different wireless connectivity solutions.”

The integration of the two platforms, scheduled for availability in the first quarter of 2017, will enable K2’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers to cost-effectively add Wi-Fi into their mainstream products. By simulating a wide range of Wi-Fi networks and deployment conditions in a minimalist testbed, customers can choose a cost-effective Wi-Fi vendor, while ensuring robust performance in the field. The resulting analytics around performance and insights into failures will enable vendors and OEM partners to identify potential performance issues and quickly evaluate their final products before deployment.

“As the world becomes increasingly connected, adding reliable, cost-effective and secure Wi-Fi to mainstream products is a major challenge. Rigorous testing is crucial in a connected world where issues are no longer isolated. Ixia is proud to work with K2 in helping their customers to meet this challenge,” stated Scott Westlake, Vice President of Business Development for Ixia.

Ixia’s Xceed Technology Partner Program

Ixia’s Xceed program creates a complete ecosystem for its technology partners—from development to deployment—that facilitates collaboration amongst the industry’s leading security, performance, and virtualization experts in key technology areas including IoT, network functions virtualization (NFV), and application and network management. This collaboration helps ensure that customer networks, analysis tools, and applications are strong and reliable.

Ixia’s unique combination of test and visibility products enables Xceed technology partners to provide their customers with full and immediate value from their testing, security, and performance monitoring solutions.

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