Hyundai Mobis Exhibits at CES for the Second Consecutive Year ‘Facing the Future with Mobis Technology’
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  • Mobis’ large-scale exhibition offers an autonomous driving experience and showcases key components of a fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV)
  • From DAS (Driver Assist Systems), to a remote smart parking system, to in-wheel electric motor systems, and to fingerprint recognition smart keys; Mobis takes aim at global automakers
  • The world’s 6th largest OEM supplier leads the market with innovative products and focused investments in electrical components

Hyundai Mobis will be publically presenting its FCEV components to the industry for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 5th through 8th 2017. This is the second year in a row for the Mobis exhibition, which garnered international attention from North America, Europe, Japan and China as the first Korean auto parts company at CES in 2016. Those automakers particularly showed interest in Mobis’ future cockpit system, exterior lighting and camera technologies.

For 2017, Mobis will showcase a wide variety of future vehicle technologies including autonomous driving and ICT(Information and Communication Technology) in a larger 3,000 sq ft. booth(Booth: LVCC, North Hall – 7306). The larger space allows for additional displays and will give the opportunity for the newly introduced technologies to be exhibited alongside advanced technologies that have been recently launched. Through this second iteration of Mobis at CES, the company plans to cement its image as an auto parts specialist that is at the leading edge of the future of technology.

Based on the theme, “Facing the Future with MOBIS Technology,” Mobis’s exhibition booth consists of three zones, “Smart Car,” “Green Car,” and “Parts Zone.”

  • The “Smart Car” Zone will demonstrate safety, convenience, and healthcare features with an autonomous driving simulator.
  • The “Green Car” zone will introduce the driving mechanisms and key parts of Mobis’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, which the company has continuously improved since it first appeared in mass producing in 2013.
  • The “Parts Zone” features a wide variety of technologies that are soon to be mass-produced or are already in series production; including DAS(Driver Assist Systems), AVN(Audio Video Navigation), Exterior Lighting Systems, advanced Chassis systems and components like braking, and steering parts.

Over the course of the show Mobis will be actively looking for customer feedback on these technologies and systems, many of which are currently available for production programs.

“Mobis has grown into the world’s 6th largest auto parts company in a very short period of time,” notes Dean Hartford, Director of North America Sales & Program Management. He further stated that Mobis will continue to grow as a ‘young and strong’ company that provides state-of-the-art auto parts for automakers that deliver world class technology, quality and customer satisfaction as identified by J.D. Power.

1. Smart Car: A Safe, Convenient, and Healthy World Created by Mobis

In the “Smart Car” Zone visitors will be treated to an autonomous driving scenario-based simulator. The massive 6 x 2 meter screens allow viewers to realistically experience autonomous driving and see firsthand how the technology harmonizes with braking, steering, and lamp technologies in a fluid manner.

The three scenarios, safety, convenience, and healthcare, show the various benefits that a driver can enjoy with Mobis’s autonomous driving technology. For instance,

When you get in the vehicle, facial recognition becomes activated to optimize the seat, mirror, and air conditioner settings for you. The vehicle then starts HAD (Highway Autonomous Driving) based on the information provided by the AR HUD, Augmented Reality Head-up Display. You can communicate in real-time with vehicles on the road, pedestrians, and various infrastructures through 5G-based V2X, and information on real-time situations on the road is provided to you through the cloud, which is a virtual information storage space. Lastly, when the vehicle reaches your destination, it finds and auto-parks itself in an empty space on your behalf.

Mobis will also demonstrate their focused research activities for drivers in the aging era. An autonomous vehicle is equipped with a system that checks the driver’s body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate as soon as they get in the vehicle and automatically switches to autonomous driving mode in the event of an unforeseen emergency such as a heart attack. In addition, viewers will also be given a look at the situation where an autonomous vehicle becomes connected to a nearby hospital through an eCall system and the driver immediately receives on-screen medical services.

2. Green Car: Eco-Friendly Auto Parts and Energy Regeneration Technology Based on a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Platform

Mobis will unveil its eco-friendly auto parts for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles at CES. The parts that will be featured in the Green Car Zone include a BSA (Battery System Assembly), FPS (Fuel Process System), BHDC (Bi-directional High Voltage DC-DC Converter), LDC (Low Voltage DC-DC Converter), BPCU (Blower Pump Control Unit), inverter, and traction motor.

The hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is called an eco-friendly vehicle in the truest sense of the word because it does not require electricity nor releases noxious gases. The Green Car Zone will illustrate the energy flow and acceleration-deceleration-charge principle of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Mobis expects this exhibition to help increase viewers’ understanding of hydrogen fuel vehicles as there are not many opportunities to experience hydrogen fuel vehicle parts.

Mobis will also introduce V2G (Vehicle to Grid) technology. V2G technology makes it possible for extra power generated by an environment-friendly vehicle after braking and regeneration to be stored outside the vehicle. The Green Car Zone will present a future automobile era where vehicles do not consume energy and pollute the environment but will also supply energy.

3. Parts Zone: Key Auto Parts in Mass Production Stage

Some of the key products that will be featured in the zone are: R-SPAS that enables you to auto-park your vehicle using your smartphone after getting out of your vehicle, a smart key system that enables you to open the doors of your vehicle simply by scanning your fingerprint, a high-efficiency in-wheel motor system for eco-friendly vehicles, an EMB system that combines hydraulic and electric braking systems, an AVM (Around View Monitoring) system that films the surroundings of your vehicle in 360 degrees and displays the images to you.

Source: Hyundai Mobis
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