Luxottica and Intel Launch Radar Pace an Oakley branded smart eyewear solution
By   |  October 16, 2016

Luxottica Group and Intel announced the launch of Radar Pace, a smart eyewear featuring a real-time voice activated coaching system. Radar Pace is the result of years of research and development between Luxottica’s Oakley brand and Intel. This device creates dynamic and personalized training programs, tracks performance, coaches in real-time and responds naturally to questions asked by the user.

A real time tracker
With its smart technology and external sensors combined with the Radar Pace app (available for free on iOS and Android), the device is able to collect and analyze personal performance data (power output, heart rate, speed, cadence, time, pace and distance) providing athletes with real-time information and audio coaching. The customized running or cycling programs calibrate based on performance, track performance compliance and adjust to make up for missed workouts. Instead of just giving athletes data, Radar Pace provides easy to use actionable feedback.

A coach that knows you better than you do…
Radar Pace includes a reliable virtual coach that supports every step of a typical training journey. It is able to create tailored training programs for athletes of all types by precisely knowing what was accomplished to date and setting the goal for the next task ahead.

Real-time interpreted data and personalized instruction based on performance transform how athletes track and understand performance. And with feedback provided directly through the eyewear, Radar Pace helps athletes make real-time adjustments without having to look at a “Smart”phone or watch, and stay focused on their objectives.

…and responds to you
Radar Pace’s natural voice interaction, powered by Intel Real Speech, allows athletes to ask Radar Pace questions and receive real-time feedback. The device was designed to be intuitive and hands-free so athletes can communicate with the system in a live, natural way during workouts.

“Through our collaboration, we have challenged each other to reinvent what is possible – each bringing our expertise to the office, lab, track or road,” said Josh Walden, Senior Vice President and General Manager, New Technology Group, Intel. “The end result is a powerful and innovative product that combines Intel technology and engineering expertise with Oakley’s sleek, lightweight design favorited by athletes around the world.”

Both Intel and Oakley are very optimistic with Radar Pace providing a unique experience. And we know that Intel knows this area as Recon Instruments, an Intel company, already launched a similar device: the Recon Jet.

“Radar Pace is a testament that everything can and will be made better,” said Scott Smith, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Luxottica. “It is the ultimate hands-free training wearable that will push the boundaries of smart eyewear.”

“Merging Oakley’s leading design and performance benefits with Intel’s technology, Radar Pace is a game changer in training and coaching,” said Ryan Saylor, Vice President of Advanced Product Development at Oakley. “One of the biggest benefits is the accountability – the coach being there with the athletes to help get the most out of every workout. It was a true collaboration that we hope will redefine the future of sport.”

Besides the impressive Intel’s technology, Radar Pace also features Oakley Prizm, a revolutionary lens technology that dramatically enhances detail to help improve performance by providing ultra-precise color tuning, designed for specific environments. The Prizm Road lens that comes with Radar Pace brightens whites and enhances yellows, greens and reds so runners and cyclists can see subtle changes in road texture and spot hazards more easily for a confident training experience.

Radar Pace is available now from Oakley website for $499

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