Amazon Dash Button available in France
By   |  November 09, 2016

Since yesterday, the Amazon Dash Buttons are available in France. These little branded buttons will be proposed on the Amazon website for 4.99€. But this amount will be refunded to your account during the first order, making the device absolutely free. These devices that are reserved for Premium members will definitely change online shopping making it easier than ever.

One click and it’s ordered
Last week, we were introduced to Dash Buttons by Daniel Rausch, Director Amazon Dash and the least we can say is that those tiny connected objects are really easy to use and to setup. The customer only has to choose the product he wants to replenish once, connect the button to the home network and it’s done. They’ll benefit from the same prices offered on and as Amazon Prime members, unlimited delivery in one business day guaranteed on eligible products. Once the order is placed, users receive a notification on their mobile confirming their date of delivery and the invoice price. A good security feature to prevent unwanted orders caused by kids playing with the buttons. Moreover, for all “one click” purchases through the site, customers have time to check, change or cancel their order.

Rausch told us that at Amazon, they believe that “the best customer experience is the one that doesn’t exist” and that’s totally the case with the Dash Button. Obviously, we are not going to make all of our purchases by only pressing buttons, but for some products, the ones that we rely on, that we always need to have around and that are always on top of the shopping list, pressing a single button makes a lot of sense.

And soon no click and it’s ordered
But the experience doesn’t stop there as Amazon is also launching the Dash Replenishment Service. The idea remains the same, but this time you don’t even have to press a button. The service will be directly implemented inside domestic appliances. Your vacuum cleaner, for example, will be able to order new bags once the last bag of the box is almost full. The same goes for your dishwasher, your washing machine and even your printer.

“We all have thousands of things to do and through our Home Connect app, you can devote more time to what is really important,” said Mario Pieper, Chief Digital Officer at BSH Home Appliances Group. “By integrating the Amazon Dash Replenishment service into the Home Connect application, we enable our customers to simplify their lives. Through Dash Replenishment, Bosch and Siemens dishwasher equipped with the Home Connect feature can automatically order their detergent and ensure that you will never run out. ”

The Dash Button comes with a reusable adhesive and a removable hook to be placed where the user wants. For a start, more than 40 brands will be available (they were 36 for the launch in the US and they are now more than 200). The brands available in France are listed at

The Dash Replenishment service will be proposed by Becko, Siemens, Bosh and Grundig in their new connected appliances and by Samsung and Kyocera in their new printers.

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