The newbie proof drone from Zerotech
By   |  October 13, 2016

The company Zerotech has announced the launch of the Dobby a new kind of drone that some people already call selfie-drone or dronie. The idea is to have a drone able to follow his owner and to take picture at the same time. All of that with almost no intervention from the user so there is no need to be an expert drone pilot to use it. In order to achieve that and despites the company’s name, Zerotech filled up its drone with all the latest technology. CEO Yang Jianjun said, “We aim to build the best drones and UAV technologies and to make them available to everyone. With its user-friendly features and pocket size, DOBBY embodies the spirit of our company.”

Be a pro in 5 minutes
The promise is great; Dobby wants to allow everyone to master aerial photography within five minutes. The drone works with motion guided controls connected to your cellphone in order to provide a simple, intuitive user interface, enabling consumers to utilize features such as palm take-off and landing, voice-enabled control, one-click rolling and dual satellite positioning with ease. But considering that the Dobby uses powerful brushless motor we wouldn’t recommend to have it in the hand for take-off.

The drone is powered by quad-core SnapDragon 801 chip, a variety of sensors, and it comes with a 13 megapixel camera able to shoot 4208 x 3120 pictures and 1080p HD video. In fact the camera shoots 4K video but an algorithm only keeps a 1920 x 1080 portion of it and corrects the fish eye effect. “Before DOBBY, aerial photography was deemed niche and only for professional photographers. With the launch of our first consumer selfie drone, we want to bring smart innovation that fits in a pocket to consumers around the world” said R&D VP, John Zhou.

A smart drone in the pocket
With its compact design, the DOBBY is lightweight and can fold up to fit into your pocket. Despite its small size, the DOBBY combines the best-in-class technologies characteristic of high-performance drones, including a 3-axis electronic image stabilization system, gesture control and target tracking. The DOBBY is also one of the few drones that uses Glonass CV technology rather than GPS to enhance precision within a short reaction time. Additionally DOBBY offers 9 minutes of flight time and supports both Qualcomm Quick Charge technology and portable chargers, making it the ideal drone for on the go flying.

According to Zerotech, the launch of the DOBBY is the first step to ZEROTECH’s bigger plan to expand its consumer drone business globally and plans to introduce more consumer products, such as mini gimbals, to the market in the coming year. The DOBBY will be available in the United States and Canada, as well as across Europe this month. Prices are the following:

  • Standard version: 469€
  • Advanced version: 539 €

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