Samsung Galaxy Wing : the first generation of folding devices by the Korean manufacturer
By   |  October 11, 2016

Like many Asian manufacturers, the Korean Samsung has been working on flexible and folding OLED devices for quite a while. And even if there have been many leaks, prototypes and demonstrations in the past we never saw anything concrete. At least nothing that actually looked like a product people would buy.

Still the days of flexible displays are maybe not that far anymore. Today, the last information on this area has appeared in the form of a collection of Samsung’s patents showing a variety of flexible devices presented under the name of Galaxy Wing.

One of the most interesting products is a roll-up bracelet able to stand freely on a surface like a regular alarm clock and to unfold in a smartphone form factor which can expand on the side to display a virtual keyboard.

The design is composed of four different parts, two of them appearing to be flexible the other two remaining flat. We can assume that these 2 last ones will be holding the battery and the motherboard components as not everything is flexible in electronics.

But maybe the most interesting is not these patented designs but the “Galaxy” branding. In fact it may suggest that this is no longer an in-development name as Samsung never used the word “Galaxy” for product under development. Until know the company used to refer to those products as “Project” followed by a code name, the Galaxy S6 smartphone was for example referred as “Project Zero”.

Still this Galaxy Wing bracelet may or may not be released under this specific form, but the folding devices we have seen numerous times in the last years will probably hit the market soon. Last Spring Samsung was already mentioned for working actively on “Project Valley”, a 5-inch phone with a screen able to unfold into a 7-inch tablet. Many rumors agree that 2017 will be the year of folding devices and Samsung will probably not be the only one on this market as LG and Lenovo have also presented very convincing prototypes of devices using folding screens.

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