You’ve been tracking yourself? Now it’s your dog’s turn!
By   |  October 10, 2016

Garmin is mainly known for its GPS devices but the company never runs out of ideas when it comes to connected objects. In fact Garmin has a particularly broad catalog of products in which it uses its expertise in geolocation. After the activity trackers and watches designed for humans, Garmin offers trackers dedicated to your pet through the Delta devices collection. The latest in this family for this upcoming fall is the Delta Smart a dog tracker offering a real variety of functions.

The Delta Smart appears as a small and durable module designed to attach to almost any dog collar. It connects to any smartphone via Bluetooth and the free Garmin CANINE™ app, and it allows pet owners to monitor their dog’s activity and give automated or customized training corrections directly from the convenience of a touchscreen.

Obviously, the idea is not to torture your pet but instead the Delta Smart is to be used as a tool to make your pet a good member of the family. Intelligence within the app allows it to learn the dog’s temperament and habits and gives the owner a real insight into their dog’s physical activity and barking patterns.

The main features of the Delta Smart are:

  • Customized training by using the device as a virtual leash to give orders and teach the dog. The device gives dog owners a wide range of customizable correction settings, including tone, vibration, and 10 levels of stimulation.
  • Bark limitation either configured as an automatic Bark Limiter, or programmed to allow no barking, some barking, or a specific number of barks allowed before a correction is made. The Garmin CANINE app permits reviewing the frequency and timing of a dog’s bark, and records what type of correction was applied.
  • Keep Away Tags. The Delta Smart is compatible with Keep Away Tags, wireless proximity sensors designed to deter pets from entering undesired areas – like trash cans, flower beds, or comfy couches. Once again, the Tags can be configured for automatic corrections (tone, vibration, or stimulation) or simply to monitor a dog’s whereabouts for later review
  • Activity Monitoring through the Garmin CANINE app. It records and displays a dog’s activity level, including when he was active, resting, barking, being trained, or went near a Keep Away Tag.

On a more technical point of view, the Delta Smart includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery providing up to three weeks of use on a full charge, depending on usage and smartphone model. The device has also a water rating of 1 ATM (10m). In the box you will find three collar bands and a USB charging cable for a suggested retail price of $149.99. Garmin also offers a Delta Smart bundle, which includes the items listed above plus a Keep Away Tag for $179.99. Keep Away Tags are sold separately for $49.99. The Delta Smart lineup is available now.

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