NEC makes any smart device connect to any display
By   |  October 27, 2016

NEC has announced the availability of a new HDMI stick allowing almost every smart device running any operating system from macOS to Windows, iOS or Android to connect wireless to any HDMI enabled display. Its name says it all, as it will be sold as: NEC MultiPresenter Stick DS1-MP10RX1.

Nec has a successful history in displays and naturally, the company identified an issue occurring more and more on professional environments: the need to have multiple personal devices connected to the same display during meetings, classes and presentations. For this purpose, the MultiPresenter Stick provides a secure and easy way of sharing images, files, documents, presentations, and more.

Designed for mass sharing, the MultiPresenter will be particularly suited for boardrooms and classrooms. The device simply plugs into the HDMI port of a projector or a display to securely add wireless presentation capabilities for up to 50 devices at once and allows 12 visible at one time in multi-screen mode.

“We’ve all been in meetings where someone needs to share his or her screen, leading to awkward fumbling with cables and adapters only to discover it doesn’t work,” said Chris Feldman, NEC Display product manager. “But now with the NEC MultiPresenter, people can easily, securely, and wirelessly present information no matter what platform they’re using, negating the need to deal with complicated settings and cables.”

Compared to a Chromecast or a Windows Display Adapter the Nec Multipresenter appears more versatile as it allows users to connect any Windows, Mac, Android or iOS device running the companion app to the MultiPresenter wirelessly. The App is free and users can download it via the QR code displayed on the home screen of the MultiPresenter. After that, users join securely by entering a PIN in the app to instantly present and share their content.

The App doesn’t limit itself to display capabilities. In fact, all wirelessly connected devices can take advantage of in-App functions such as file sharing and web access, the ability to mirror the device display, including simple annotation software, and the ability to switch between presenters on the fly, which helps enhance a team or classroom’s productivity and collaboration.

With its small and portable size, the MultiPresenter Stick is travel-friendly and easy to take on the road. Users can comfortably present when visiting offsite clients. Additionally, the stick is powered by a 5V 2.4A mini USB power supply that can be used with the included power adapter, a compatible USB port on a display device, or a capable USB battery charger.

NEC’s MultiPresenter Stick DS1-MP10RX1 will be available in November at a minimum advertised price of $329. More information click here

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