Nuance provides cars with embedded dictation capabilities
By   |  October 16, 2016

Nuance Communications announced that its Dragon Drive connected car framework now features high-quality embedded dictation for speaking text messages, notes and more in the car without a data or cloud connection. The result is a better, more consistent user experience that lets drivers dictate text anytime or anywhere without being interrupted by latency or failures in areas where connectivity is limited or non-existent.

Previously, cloud-based dictation had set a new bar in accuracy. But, even in today’s highly-connected environments, latency hang-ups still occur leaving people frustrated when they need a message to get through. Leveraging advancements in Deep Neural Nets that are inspired by the way the human learns and recognizes patterns, Nuance’s embedded dictation transforms the spoken word into text in split seconds without the cloud, allowing drivers to capture and send messages or notes even when the signal is spotty.

Deep Learning gives Nuance’s speech recognition technology the ability to quickly and accurately transcribe the human language, and adapt to a range of acoustic models that have been optimized for the noisy in-car environment.

“Over the past five years, our research team has set a high standard in automotive speech recognition by applying deep neural networks to optimize accuracy within noisy automotive environments. These advancements, combined with signal enhancement and in-car microphone beamforming results in a simple, intuitive interface designed specifically for the car that continues to set the industry standard for automotive speech recognition,” said Vlad Sejnoha, Chief Technology Officer, Nuance.

Embedded dictation also allows drivers to minimize the impact on their data plans tied to in-car connected services. Dragon Drive’s already available hybrid, embedded – cloud capabilities for the connected car, combines reliability and low latency of embedded solutions with performance and updated features available through cloud-based solutions.

“The cloud is an incredibly important element of the modern automotive experience, providing access to a range of services and content. However, signal drops and remote areas can turn the connected car into a disconnected experience,” said Arnd Weil, senior vice president and general manager, Nuance Automotive. “Dragon Drive’s embedded-connected framework gives automakers and consumers the best of both worlds – the ability to connect to content and services while having uninterrupted access to the in-car features that drive safer productivity behind the wheel.”

Embedded dictation will initially support English, German and Chinese, and is available as part of Dragon Drive now available to automakers and suppliers, delivering an end-to-end speech and content experience as part of an automotive assistant that listens, understands and responds to drivers’ needs.

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